Bernadette Holzer Campaign Custom Metal and Acrylic Keyring


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Keep your keys organized and make a statement with the Bernadette Holzer Campaign Custom Acrylic Keyring. This stylish accessory is not just a symbol of your support for Bernadette Holzer’s initiative but also a testament to your love for durable and distinctive design.




Robust Materials: Crafted with a sturdy acrylic plate and protected with a TPU cover, this keyring can withstand daily wear and tear.

High-Quality Hardware: The keyring comes equipped with a high-quality hardware fitting that ensures your keys stay securely fastened.

Stylish and Recognizable: The round shape and clear design make your keyset easily identifiable and add a personalized touch to your everyday essentials.

Versatile Use: Perfect for keeping personal keys in order, or attaching it to a bag as a custom tag, it’s designed to help you stand out.

Campaign-Ready: Featuring Bernadette Holzer’s campaign colors and logo, it’s a small but mighty way to show your allegiance.

This custom keyring isn’t just about keeping things together; it’s about standing out and showing support for the values that drive Bernadette Holzer’s campaign. Whether you’re reaching for your car keys or zipping up your gym bag, this keyring is an excellent choice for everyday use.

  One size
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Depth, in 0.29


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